Angels are ?gardeners? whose mission is to care for a garden - a world in which they live. Flowers in this garden are human souls.

Today's Earth looks more like fallow land overgrown with weeds and the purpose of Angels is nursing a beautiful garden. Angels have been existing for billions of years across the Universe. They are everywhere where conscious beings live and they care for them. Everywhere they play the same role ? they nurse of souls. We cannot see them but we can feel their effects. They have been doing it ever since.

The Earth Angels - it's people. People with the part of the angelic soul. They live next to us and they do not stand out with any special features among us.  They can be beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, spiritual, intelligent, non-believers, believers, simple, unemployed ? they are everywhere. They live in relationships or can be lonely - like everyone else. Yet there is a quality that makes them special. There is a time when they "wake up" and activate their action. They feel they must do something more than taking care of daily affairs.

On Earth, from time to time, there is the phenomenon of overlapping worlds. This phenomenon is invisible, but tactile, even for people who do not have the angelic soul. The human world is overlapped by two other worlds - angels and demons. They have existed since ever. However, in normal circumstances, they stay clearly separated by the human world and they remain far apart. Now they are approaching one another and exist side by side. People do not have any influence on it. This occurrence repeats on the Earth periodically, every 3 thousand years. The only thing a man can do is to support one of the parties. (more on this subject in art. " Epidemic of kidnapping of the souls? and "Event")

The current process of overlapping worlds began two years ago and since then the activity of people with the angelic soul is constantly growing. In 2015 it will reach its peak. Most human angels are "sleepyheads" - beings who "sleep" and "wake up" only when these two worlds overlap. They are being awaken by the vicinity of the angelic world. Angelic soul, located in the middle of the human soul, is a separate entity but inherent in a man.
On Earth, there live five kinds of people with part of the angelic soul. The first four categories are the already mentioned "sleepyheads". Belonging to particular groups is measured by ability to influence people around you. You may have guessed that the biggest impact on the environment have human angels from the fifth group. They never "fall asleep", are always aware of their role and always stay active. Angelic soul in a man can grow as if it was passing from class to class. This promotion is only possible during the process of the overlapping worlds. It takes about 10 years and then everything returns to normal. Life goes on.

The first four groups of human Angels are prone to conflict between their angelic and human soul. This is difficult for them to accept what happens inside them. They often try to live "normally" just like before the phenomenon of overlapping of the upper and lower astral worlds but it does not work for them any longer. Or vice versa - they "fly" into the fantasy land, withdrawing from everyday life. They find it difficult to accept themselves and even more difficult to accept the common goal of Souls. They take it as an internal conflict, inability to cooperate. In the fifth group there are Angels aware of their angelic origin. They account for around 20% of all those people. However, in most cases they are engaged in their own development and only a few percent of them help people in an active way. They do it very differently, most often through art, literature and healing. The aim of human Angels is the true understanding of God and finding the real contact with him. This is not the case of religion ? this is the experience of divinity. It does not matter who you are - you just experience God in yourself. This is about life without suffering, expectations and shortages. Life as a manifestation of divinity.

The period of overlap between the two mentioned worlds is a time of chance for all mankind. We all have the opportunity to receive the angelic part of the soul. All are also able to grow quickly up and "jump" from class to class. Gift in the form of an angelic part of the soul is a natural protection of a human part from being abducted to the lower astral world. Such kidnappings have now become an everyday part of the war in the spiritual world. Demonic beings that inhabit the lower world feed on human suffering - physical, emotional and mental. Each time when we allow ourselves to suffer, be cruel, when we fall into negative emotions or decline mentally - we feed these creatures. We do not see them but we see desperate people who have govern, we see violence, we see the despair, illness, anger, fear and helplessness. The angelic soul works in such a situation as a lifebelt on water ? it does not allow to download the human part. This is a real support from the upper world. During the whole process of overlap between the two worlds, a huge number of people are endowed with a part of the angelic soul. But there are also those who lose it. It can also be captured when one does not use its support while the power of the lower world increases.

People who have an angelic soul feel no affiliation to any religion. This can be explained by the long earthly experience - these souls have survived hundreds of dozens of religions and beliefs. The oldest part of the angelic soul associated with a man is 24 thousand years. At the end of the entire 10-year cycle human Angels again fall asleep until the next event. Soul kidnapping epidemic is a time when they are looking for a way to find advantage in the human world. The angelic part of the soul opposes to the epidemic so that as many people as possible become secure thanks to the permanent connection with God.

The aim of the angelic soul is to allow a man to develop and protect him from losing contact with God. This connection gives you an understanding of the world and changes people into better ones. In humans, angels, the souls of work, there is a natural symbiosis of souls belonging to God.

Aleksander  Deyev