8 steps according to Aleksander Deyev - soul therapist.  They were created in order to teach us how to be happy. All steps must be included.

The soul evolves and grows with us and vice versa, we grow with the soul. This is not obvious for everyone and not all people want to understand this. It is not obvious for everyone and not everyone wants to understand it.

The fundamental problem is that the process of development must be done consciously. The soul isn't something that is imaginary, invented for the purposes of religion. The soul is a part of us with which we can communicate and cooperate. It is everyday, real work on ourselves that is, not simple and not painless. The results of this work are real, with time we will start noticing them without the doubt.

The second problem is that we must work on one?s own self, without external action. It is as if aroad, on which we are alone with ourselves. We are our own guides and teachers. However there are permanent elements of this road, like landmarks on the map. They are saying: "You are here in this place where now you are." Some places take more time and other less; it's up to us, it depends on our determination and what from moment we are starting. Each of us is different and every road will not be the same. One thing is certain, it won't be possible to omit any of these points, they are like signposts, and are assuring us that we are going in the right direction.


1. The first step: "Regaining the soul in its entirety."

In order to start, it is necessary to make sure, whether our soul(s) is present and whether is complete. The soul isn't something what is given to us from the beginning. We must learn, how many souls we have currently, at the beginning of our spiritual work.


2. The second step: "The dominating element of the soul and its stamina."

Until you know what your soul is, you don't know who you are. The soul consists of five elements, they are: earth, fire, water, air and space. One of them dominates in our lives and that makes each of us different, everyone needs something else in their life. Sometimes the elementsdisappear, burn themselves out, then life loses its quality, because the dominating element of the soul has been lost. We then need to recover the lost quality of the soul.

If the lost element is earth then we need stability, if fire ? we need creativeness and expression, if water ? we need comfort and the convenience. The soul needs this so that it can evolve and grow with us.


3. The third step: "The Vibration of the soul."

A vibration of the soul is its quality. It determines your place on your journey. It says where you are, to what extent you fulfilled yourself, to what extent you understand yourself. It is like a point of reference on the map which is showing you the way to God.


4. The fourth step: "The soul and your physical health."

The quality state of the soul depends on our physical health, we cannot feel well, if we aren't taking care of our body.


5. The fifth step: "The soul and our mental health."

There are 5 poisons poisoning our soul: anger, pride, jealousy, desire and attachment.

If we let ourselves be possessed by these emotions, we suffer. When we are in harmony with it our soul sees us full of appreciation, admiration, joy and love. We aren't perfect and we do not have to be, we have the right to make mistakes. The only thing we must do is evolve ourselves. Of course we have choice, we are free to run our life as we wish. The soul doesn't expect wisdom, money, a social rank from us. It does not judge us based on if we are good as parents, employees, husbands or wives. It only judges us based on if we are closer to God. It wants us to search, develop ourselves and bring us closer to our creator even if it is only a centimeter.

Our goal Is to be happy in our lives everyday, to live comfortably and truly satisfied. That is why we are here.


6. The sixth step: "Our soul and its relation to God."

The soul does not tolerate imposed demands made by all religions. We cannot automatically assume anything is certain. Our soul wants us to search. Only our soul knows the way to God, it is like our individual GPS. Every soul is different and our journey depends on how far we are from the goal. The end result of our journey is that we finally find our creator. Sometimes such actions lead us in to loneliness from others. Not all people are willing to make the sacrifice.


7. The seventh step: "The soul, as regards to other dominating people."

There are people which influence the state of our soul. It is often somebody from the family: parent, husband, wife, it can sometimes be a friend. Our soul does not tolerate alien ways of thinking. It expects internal growth and independent decisions, rather than external authority. We must remember that our basic task in life is to love ourselves. We feed our soul with our love.


8. The eighth step: "Humility, reconciling with the soul."

The soul is a final measure of our life. We cannot fully understand or appreciate it (the soul) until the end. The last step, is the understanding that we will be evolving until the end with our own soul.



How I found a balance inside myself

I experienced this road and now I can see it clearly, but I remember very well that at the beginning I could see nothing. Every further step was a consequence of the previous one, but the first one was the one which required making a decision and having courage. I wrote my story in order to show that it is possible to do it, although at times it is difficult and easy to doubt ourselves.

Regaining the soul is a deeply moving experience bringing us to new depths in our life. There isn?t any room for guessing, everything is really happening, We can feel it in our body and emotions. We can feel such indescribable appreciation and, such great joy that sometimes it isn't possible to holdback our tears. I had never been as happy with myself even though I cried for three days. I was so full of self-confidence convinced of the fact that I will do everything in order to make my self / my soulhappy. In the next days I learnt how to live with my soul, all tastes, colors, sounds and shapes were fuller than earlier. I did not want to be with or talk to anybody. Previously I had not been truly with myself and when I was with others I missed being with just me.
If not the indescribable feeling of joy my external behavior would have suggested that I was depressed. I was most eager to be alone and sleep more than usual. I was worried how long this will take, I was not used to being inactive, I had never before been as passive in life. The desire to be alone was stronger than anything else. After some time I had gotten used to this state and being alone with my soul became the most enjoyable experience of all. I started treating my soul as my best friend. Now I spend less time alone because I have family, friends, plans for the future and work. I understood that time alone is necessary to recharge our energy and really meet ourselves. I promised myself that I will relearn about real love and I knew that I was able to do it. I did not know how long it would take until I will be truly happy and fully satisfied.
Until that time I was weak and incompetent and then I started to feel like I was becoming stronger and stronger.
I knew that my soul was beautiful and strong however I was the one that had to convince it of that fact. It was like a child that was lost and found again after many years. I wanted to get to know my soul again and do everything possible to find out the details about how and who my soul is. I askedmy soul to not allow me to forget about it. Everything else became unimportant and at the same time important in a different way. My life got a new meaning because I found the most important thing in my life.

Now I ask myself: "Do I want it?" "Is it good for me?" I know that I cannot give excessively above what I have and above what I want give. I love and accept myself, with my imperfections. When I accept myfaults, When I accept myself I accept other peoples imperfections. I understood that I am imperfect, because I am a person. I am who I am and that is all I have. I do not have to pretend, to hide anything, I can trust myself. I cannot comprehend that I was afraid of this journey. Now I understand that I was afraid of my own development and internal power. Yes, I still make mistakes, but I have the right to make some. There is no fear in me. I am brave. I do not want anything that isn't mine and I willchoose only that what helps me evolve.
I can give up anything, I do not fight for anything do not need to.
The only thing I can do, is give happiness to my soul, I can give it "presents", to satisfy it, to make ithappy. I am not afraid, I trust the divinity in myself. The best refuge is being alone with myself, trulyhappy. I have a fire which warms me on the inside; I can be with it for it is similar to heat generated by a fireplace. I accept the world, although it is not always beautiful and not always perfect. I will let everyone be themselves. The ideal world is in me, in my soul. The travel deep into myself has only begun. Now I expect everything that is wonderful: real admiration, real joy, real wealth, true love. I am exceptional, and it is a absolute privilege for me to spend time with myself. It is reportedly a special gift. I am happy without no particular reason, I am pleased with it, that I am. Without any questions, without a doubt, of my own free will, simply I am. Everywhere I am fine, because I am happy with myself.

Aleksander Deyev